Looking for the latest way to advertise your product? Robotics company PerceptIn has a creative solution…

The company has created the DragonFly Intelligent Advertising Vehicle – a self-driving robot billboard and vending machine. Equipped with cameras, it can navigate the streets to distribute products, and can also be hailed by smartphone to bring the products to you.

Tests of the robot have apparently been very successful:

PerceptIn considers this a new way to grab would-be customers’ attention (that isn’t on a smartphone, computer, or boring stationary billboard). Apparently in a 15-minute test in a commercial complex, the vehicle caught the attention of 1,000 people. Nearly 60 percent of viewers looked at the autonomous advertisement for more than 5 seconds, which PerceptIn considers a sign of being “highly engaged.”

The DragonFly will be available for purchase in 2019 in the United States for the price of $40,000, which is about the price of four months of digital billboard advertising. Time will tell if the new technology is a workable marketing strategy or if it’s just an overpriced gimmick.