Newsweek recently conducted a consumer survey to determine which companies in America have the best customer service. See’s Candies and Chick-fil-A made top ten, but what U.S. business nabbed the top spot?

With a sample of over 20,000 consumers, the survey ratings were based on:

  1. Quality of communication: measures whether the contact (via e-mail, telephone or face to face) was friendly or polite.
  2. Technical competence: measures the quality of information received and whether questions were answered correctly and in sufficient detail.
  3. Range of services: measures whether one’s personal expectations and requirements were fulfilled.
  4. Customer focus: measures whether a personal concern/requirement was addressed with a tailored/specific solution.
  5. Accessibility: measures the availability of customer service in a shop or on a helpline.

Winners: the companies with the best customer service

  1. Disney Cruise Line

Continuing Walt Disney’s tradition of magic, this company does a stellar job of providing fun and family-friendly cruises.

  1. See’s Candies

With its quality chocolate and old-fashioned charm, this California-based candy shop serves candies made from many of the same recipes they started with in 1921.

  1. Justice

The go-to store for tween fashion, this chain has over 1,100 locations across North America.

  1. Land’s End

Their clothing may not always be “cool,” but it is made to last.

  1. Chick-fil-A

With their delicious chicken and unparalleled employee training, it’s always “my pleasure” to eat here.

View the full list on Newsweek.