OPUSfidelis :: New Media Innovation


  • New Media Strategy
  • Social Publishing & Engagement
  • Social Outreach & Behavior Profiling
  • Social Analytics & Monitoring
  • Social Hub & Social CRM
  • Social Grassroots & Viral Influence
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Online Community Management
  • Online Public Relations & Public Affairs
  • Online Advertising
  • Online Fundraising
  • Instant Message Marketing (SMS, MMS)
  • Email List Growth & Management
  • Direct Mail Campaigns (marketing & advocacy)

Expertise Overview

  • New Media Strategy

    Before you get "there", first, you need to know where "there" is.

    What is New Media? To be effective, you have to move past the hype and really understand your options and educate your stakeholders.

  • Social Publishing

    New Media and new social communities are very powerful means of communication, but this has not changed one fundamental fact: content is still king... the message is key. This foundational fact is as true today as it was with the advent of the quill and pen or the printing press.

  • Social Engagement

    The key to social influence is to engage the audience, at the peer level, to foster new customers; increase sales or donations; to connect with partners and constituents; facilitate discussions and comments to shape the debate; avert public relations crisis; and allow your supporters'/customers' voices to be heard.

  • Social Analytics & Monitoring

    We capture each online action and analyze behaviors to assess the success of social campaigns. OPUSfidelis measures the level of user engagement at the content-action level, which enables better decision-making on social media resource investments and for ongoing social content publishing tactics.