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  • Social Engagement OPUSfidelis Helps Garner Support for Duck Dynasty Patriarch

    OPUSfidelis harnessed the power of online marketing and social media to help promote a nationwide effort to stand with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. In the middle of the night, viral and online petitions were launched to mobilize the millions of Americans who wanted A&E Networks to reconsider Phil's indefinite hiatus from the show.

  • Email Marketing Focused Marketing Helps Engage Subscribers

    OPUSfidelis created the perfect storm of email marketing to help engage clients' email subscribers. Well designed emails, focused messages, and well maintained lists make it easy to reach subscribers. With open rates as high as 57% and click rates as high as 60%, it's a clear sign of a great email campaign!

  • Social Analytics & Monitoring Work Smart—Beat the Pack

    OPUSfidelis analyzed and revealed social media exposure of luxurious brands at the Oscar Awards ceremony. While most worked hard to stand in the pack, some worked smart to beat the pack.

  • Social Analytics & Monitoring Brand Growth Opportunities

    OPUSfidelis analyzed and sourced opportunities for social media brand exposure growth around the Oscar Awards ceremony. ”How are your competitors doing? Where are your opportunities for making a difference?”

  • Social Engagement Get the Facts, Call for Action, Show Results

    The key to success remains the same: source good content, push it through the right media, make it relevant, and measure your outreach.

  • Social Engagement Growing by over 1 Million+ Each Month

    OPUSfidelis helped a nation-wide organization increase its online social outreach (number of times people viewed content) by over 1 million+ each month for 8 consecutive months… and it is still growing.

  • New Media Awareness What is New Media?

    OPUSfidelis helps move past the hype of a newly launched initiative and sustain brand-building throughout its life span.

  • Social Engagement Grassroots Engagement

    OPUSfidelis helped a commercial and mixed-use real estate investment trust ("REIT") deploy a master plan for an existing suburban community, leveraging the arts & culture inheritage of the community via social media awareness and grassroots engagement.

  • Social Engagement Social Media Helps People “Eat Mor Chikin!”

    OPUSfidelis harnessed the power of multiple social media channels to help promote a nationwide effort to show support for Chick-fil-A. The net result was mobilizing millions of Americans to take part in what was a record-setting best single sales day ever for the restaurant chain.

  • Social Advertising Targeted Advertising: Reaching the Right People

    OPUSfidelis facilitated the adoption of a new Arts & Culture community plan launching digital marketing initiatives, which drove Facebook adoption 10-times-faster than any other local community organization.

  • Social Publishing A 50% Engagement Rate

    On a Facebook page of ~8,000 Likes, a single wall post garnered over 4,000 comments in 8 hours. That's about a 50% engagement with your audience. OPUSfidelis generated 400-800+ comments for nearly every post for over one year. This is consistent engagement—not hype—with the target audience.

  • Social Analytics & Monitoring Real Time Behavior Analysis

    OPUSfidelis deployed state of the art, live monitoring social media technologies to helps its customer make a difference and beat their competition.

  • Social Engagement The Numbers Tell the Tale

    Same story posted 5 hours apart on different Facebook pages; #1 with OPUSfidelis, #2 without OPUSfidelis. #1 has ~5,000 fans, #2 has ~10,000 fans. Despite having a fan-base twice as large, being the originator of the story, and having it for 5 hours longer than OPUSfidelis, #2's post netted 29 Likes and 5 Comments, OPUSfidelis (#1) netted 75 Likes, and 599 comments.

  • Social Engagement Mobilizing and Growing the Numbers

    OPUSfidelis launched a viral initiative generating over 93,000 petitions sent to legislators within less that 8 weeks. That's over 1,600 petitions per day-sustained viral activism.