OPUSfidelis :: New Media Innovation


A Strategic Communication and Social Media Agency

Through its unique enterprise consulting approach, OPUSfidelis delivers high value online communication advisory and managed services to corporate customers, U.S. federal contractors, non-profit and political organizations and candidates. We assist organizations in building and maintaining strong online presences and social media savvy advocacy campaigns to grow and protect their brands, create viral movements and communities, as well as create online public relations events or extinguish public relations crises.

Our Advantages

The Convergence of Traditional and New Media

Here at OPUSfidelis, we don't believe in creating hype. We stand for long lasting and resilient returns. What does this mean? It means that for a brand or organization to succeed in engaging with its audience, it must reach out via traditional and new media. OPUSfidelis has a team of new media professionals as well as experts with decades of achievements in radio, broadcast TV and direct mail....

Enterprise Planning and Information Technology Approach

This is a tough question for any organization, especially for small and mid-sized organizations: should we be making front-end investments (e.g. social media) or back-end investments (e.g. donor management, CRM systems...)?

OPUSfidelis has over 2 decades of expertise deploying light, SaaS-powered and Cloud-based enterprise management systems (e.g. CRM, Social CRM, Social Hub, Collaboration systems...). Investing in social media activities can pay high returns if it is done with a broad strategic planning approach.

Real Time Social Engagement Analytics and Monitoring

Do people care about what we are saying? Who are they? Where are they? When and why do they care?

OPUSfidelis has deployed state-of-the-art, real-time social media monitoring technologies to help its customers make a difference and beat their competition.

Why is this an advantage? Well, you can keep talking to people, but do they engage with what you're saying?

What We Offer

We specialize in viral media strategies, sustained online communication, and social influence. Below are some additional areas of expertise that we provide to make our customers highly competitive and successful:

  • Corporate Identity Definition, Positioning, Messaging
  • Marketing & Communication Strategic Planning
  • Online Marketing Management, Execution and Mentorship
  • New Media Strategy
  • Social Publishing & Engagement
  • Social Outreach & Behavior Profiling
  • Social Analytics & Monitoring
  • Social Hub & Social CRM
  • Social Grassroots & Viral Influence
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Online Community Management
  • Online Public Relations & Public Affairs
  • Online Advertising
  • Online Fundraising
  • Instant Message Marketing (SMS, MMS)
  • Email List Growth & Management
  • Direct Mail Campaigns (marketing & advocacy)